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Sophie Luck is one of the fantastic teen actors in the hit ABC-TV series Blue Water High.  We asked her a few questions about acting, being recognised and surfing.  Read on…

• How old are you?
• Do you have any brothers or sisters and if so do they act as well?
I have a twelve year old little sister called Stephanie – she does acting classes, but doesn’t go to castings yet.  She’s a really good dancer as well.
• Where did you grow up?
I was born in Sydney, but grew up in West Pymble.
• What’s it like being an actress?
It’s really fun and the experience is good.  I learn lots from the other actors.
• How old were you when you started acting and how did you get into it?
I was eight when I first started.  When I was a little kid I used to love to dress up and put on shows for my parents, so they got me an agent and I started to get jobs.
Is working on Blue Water High as fun as it looks?
Yes it is.  We just have so much fun all the time.  It’s not work.  When you see us on the TV all having fun and mucking around, we really are.  I love it.

• What else have you acted in?
A couple of other shows and a few commercials.  I was in Home and Away for 6 months (16 episodes) as well.  I met lots of great people on the Home and Away set.  It was a good experience.
Blue Water High is about a surf school, so can you surf? 
Most of the surfing is done by doubles.  When you see us paddling out or sitting on the boards, then that’s us, but the other stuff is done by real surfers.  I’d really love to learn though.
Do you ever get recognised?
Sometimes.  It’s a bit embarrassing though when people come up to me at the shops and stuff.  Some people think I’m the little sister from the movie Blue Crush, but I’m not – I wish I was.  How cool would that be?
Do you get to go to red carpet events?
I went to the Nickelodeon Kids choice awards and won Young Actor Award at the AFI awards.  It’s pretty exciting.

“I really like acting and hope that I get to do it for a long time.”